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Artigo de Pesquisa | Acesso aberto | 12 Extended time weather forecasts contributes to agricultural productivity estimates

Andrea de Oliveira Cardoso, Ana Maria Heuminski de Avila, Hilton Silveira Pinto, Pedro Leite da Silva Dias

Ano de publicação: 2010

Weather conditions in critical periods of the vegetative crop development influence crop productivity, thus being a basic parameter for crop forecast. Reliable extended period weather forecasts may contribute to improve the estimation of agricultural productivity. The production of soybean plays an important role in the Brazilian economy, because this country is ranked among the largest producers of soybeans in the world. This culture can be significantly affected by water conditions, depending on the intensity of water deficit. This work explores the role of extended period weather forecasts for estimating soybean productivity in the southern part of Brazil, Passo Fundo, and Londrina (State of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, respectively) in the 2005/2006 harvest. The goal was to investigate the possible contribution of precipitation forecasts as a substitute for the use of climatological data on crop forecasts. The results suggest that the use of meteorological forecasts generate more reliable productivity estimates during the growth period than those generated only through climatological information.

Palavras chave:
Weather Forecast; Productivity Estimate; Ensemble Forecast; Forecast Period; Crop Cycle 



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