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Artigo de Pesquisa | Acesso aberto | 18 Collaborative Innovation in Agrometeorology: Coordination Strategies to Develop a Monitoring IT System for Brazil

Martha Delphino Bambini, Andre Tosi Furtado, Jurandir Zullo Junior, Priscila Pereira Coltri

Ano de publicação: 2014

This case-study article presents the results from a morphology analysis of a knowledge and information network, focusing on the coordination mechanisms employed to generate a convergent arrangement. Agritempo was the first information system to offer (in 2003) free access to a broad range of agrometeorological data comprising all the Brazilian territory, representing an important technological innovation to the agricultural sector. To study this phenomenon an analytical framework of the Techno-Economic Network (TEN) and concepts from the Innovation Sociology field was employed. Results indicate that the durability of this arrangement - from 2003 to 2014 - can be explained by the effectiveness of the coordination strategies established in the network such as: trust based relationships; institutional and individual leadership actions; contracting; software applications and shared common working procedures.

Palavras chave:
techno-economics networks; innovation; agrometeorology; information and communication technology.



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